i think i should’ve dated him but

one new notification from facebook

did i remember to email my professor

that reminds me

what time am i signed up for

how long has it been since i called her

i should make that playlist of friendship-themed

i hope i listened to her and she doesn’t think my silence meant i resent her for

this buzzfeed article about eating healthy will only stress me out so

why am i clicking on it

wonder what my face looks like right now

how come my skin is both oily and dry

i should drink more water

one new email

one new game request

do other people sweat this much

have i checked my grades recently

she looks so happy in this picture

why am i not like

someone tagged you in a picture

i look happy

probably because, for once

i wasn’t scrolling


Hide and Seek

I am tired of this forever game of hide and seek
Come and find me already
Because if I come out from underneath the porch to find you’ve been inside,
sipping hot chocolate and
watching TV this whole time, if
I find out that you’ve forgotten to look for me, forgotten to call
my name in syllables and hug the warmth back into me,
forgotten to even unlock the front door,
I think I might cry.

Thank You

This post is a response to:

I hate how the “no’s” stream from your mouth

An effortless, constant onslaught of doubt

I hate the way you twist my dreams

How stupid and unrealistic they seem

I hate how wrong you always are

I hate how easily I am able to scar

I hate the way you make my heart pound

The way you crush the voice I’ve found

I hate you so much that I want to scream

I hate you so much, my ears fill with steam

I hate how you always tell me I can’t

You’re wrong, you’re wrong, I want to rant

I hate all that you’ve put me through

But because of that, I must thank you

I Wish That

I wish that

I could pull worries from my heart

Like a magician pulls a handkerchief from his sleeve

Then hang them out to dry

In the cool summer breeze

I wish that

I could free my hope

From the cage that guards my heart

And watch it flutter around

Falling and rising with every breath

I wish that

I could eat bravery up

Like a strong, hearty stew

Gobble it up until its gone

Then smack my lips fearlessly

I wish that

I could have a pesticide

For greed and jealousy

Could spray my heart

With cool, calming logic

I wish that

I could untangle love

Like pulling knots out of knitting

Smoothing the bumps and cutting off stray pieces

Until it was flat and clear to see

I wish that

I could buy wisdom

Like a book of instructions

Ready to be read

And devoured thoroughly

I wish that

I could understand why

My heart feels like a marionette

With other hands tugging on the strings

Pulling it this way and that way

I wish that

Sometimes I could lock my heart away

And forget pain, forget sorrow

But I can’t

Those hands just won’t let go


A Worry Up For Trade

I was actually texting my friend and he (inadvertently) gave me the idea for this poem. I love when I get inspired by the weirdest things. Hope you like it 🙂

I’ve got a worry up for trade

Going once, going twice

Who will trade me for my worry

Just one worry for another, no money, no price

I promise my worry isn’t that bad

It’s not depressing,

Not stressful

Not terribly sad

I’ve got a worry up for trade

Someone, anybody, anyone at all?

It’s a really good deal

My worry is really very small

I’d just like to trade my worry

Because I’ve had it for a while

And finally getting rid of it

Would give me a reason to smile

So I’ve got a worry up for trade

Going once, going twice

Who will trade me for my worry

Just one worry for another, no money, no price