i think i should’ve dated him but

one new notification from facebook

did i remember to email my professor

that reminds me

what time am i signed up for

how long has it been since i called her

i should make that playlist of friendship-themed

i hope i listened to her and she doesn’t think my silence meant i resent her for

this buzzfeed article about eating healthy will only stress me out so

why am i clicking on it

wonder what my face looks like right now

how come my skin is both oily and dry

i should drink more water

one new email

one new game request

do other people sweat this much

have i checked my grades recently

she looks so happy in this picture

why am i not like

someone tagged you in a picture

i look happy

probably because, for once

i wasn’t scrolling


Devil’s Hill

I suppose I hurt my hand

the day I slipped on that devil’s hill

the numbing snow protecting me from the pain

I suppose that’s why it hurt like hell when I stuck it under the faucet

felt the warm water rush over my red fingers

stinging relief, welcoming burn

It was only when it didn’t stop burning that I wondered


I suppose I hurt my hand

on that damn slippery hill where friction goes to die

There is no other explanation


All the slaps I never distributed

are leaving their spots in the resentful corners of my mind and

their shadows have flown down to sting my hand –

After all,

it is the thought that counts