i think i should’ve dated him but

one new notification from facebook

did i remember to email my professor

that reminds me

what time am i signed up for

how long has it been since i called her

i should make that playlist of friendship-themed

i hope i listened to her and she doesn’t think my silence meant i resent her for

this buzzfeed article about eating healthy will only stress me out so

why am i clicking on it

wonder what my face looks like right now

how come my skin is both oily and dry

i should drink more water

one new email

one new game request

do other people sweat this much

have i checked my grades recently

she looks so happy in this picture

why am i not like

someone tagged you in a picture

i look happy

probably because, for once

i wasn’t scrolling

There is Room in This World

girl in rain
There is room in this world for your strange, dark secrets
The ones that you store in your head
The ones that you rock back and forth like a baby
The ones that emerge when you’re lying in bed
There is room in this world for your irrational hopes
The ones that support your spine
The ones that you throw into fountains and oceans
The ones that keep sane your mind
There is room in the world for your hoarded truths
The ones that all crowd in your brain
The ones that you throw at the walls and the roof
The ones that you cling to in vain
There is room in this world for your hurting fears
The ones that swoop down from the sky
The ones that walk you on a leash
The ones that make you choke and cry
There is room in this world for your baggage
The hearts that you have earned and won
The stories you scrawl down on paper
There is room in this world for every one

Hide and Seek

I am tired of this forever game of hide and seek
Come and find me already
Because if I come out from underneath the porch to find you’ve been inside,
sipping hot chocolate and
watching TV this whole time, if
I find out that you’ve forgotten to look for me, forgotten to call
my name in syllables and hug the warmth back into me,
forgotten to even unlock the front door,
I think I might cry.

Shrunken T-Shirt

I never felt so lonely

As I did when I was with you

You tossed me in the dryer

And shrunk me down to fit you

I used to be much bigger

Softer, brighter, louder

You strung me up and hung me up

I used to be much prouder

I watched you and I cried inside

As I became exposed

But I also didn’t stop you

So I deserved it, I suppose

Where Do You Hide?

Where do you hide when you need to be alone

When the world seems too big and too small

When you don’t want to talk to anyone at all

Where do you hide when you can’t breathe

When your peripheral vision starts to blur

When your sinkhole depression starts to occur

Where do you hide when you need the world to just stop

When reality becomes too much for your brain

When you’re afraid your stress will make permanent stains

Where do you hide?

Because I want to know

When you’re running on empty

Where do you go?

I’m right here

Tucked in my hiding place

With the smell of books

And tears on my face

There’s room for one more

If you need to hide

It’s okay if you’re broken

Please, come inside

Flowers And Rocks

It was the day you came stumbling

Tears streaming down your freckled cheeks

When you said how you hated the world

How you felt like a pebble in a field of flowers

Small, ugly, gray and insignificant

I swept you into my arms with a smile

And wiped the wet sorrow from your face

Let them be flowers, I declared

All pretty and perfect

But wilting away the moment someone picks on them

I’d rather be a rock

Strong and solid, wearing away only after

I’ve skipped and skimmed the tops of creeks

Bounced around in children’s pants pockets

Known the sensation of soaring into the sky

Felt the jarring pull of gravity

Or been shaken by cars in the road

Anyone can be a flower, I told you

And you soaked up my words

In the way only a child can

It was the day you went scampering away with a smile

Never again did you run back

With sweet-smelling blossoms clasped in your hands

But your pockets always bulged

And your smile never changed