12:30pm at a Starbucks


He rotates the Starbucks cup in his hand

“Maggie?” he asks, as on me his eyes land

I nod and I smile, then I take my treat

and turn to go and grab a seat

but “I like your shirt,” he says with a grin

That’s when my imagination takes me for a spin.

We’re sharing a blanket and watching Die Hard

I’m laughing at a funny hand-drawn birthday card

His hand is roaming down to my butt as we kiss

We’re playing pool and teasing each other when we miss

The scene plays out, we’re dancing in the kitchen, only us two

He’s stroking my cheek with his thumb, saying “I love you,”

but I’m pulling away, anxiety ruining the bliss

His voice is cracking angrily, “you always do this”

Cue the Adele and the rain as I’m walking down the street

when I realize this is a mistake I don’t want to repeat

I’m running back to my room, but you’re already there

“I’m sorry,” I say, your hands in my hair

The audience is applauding, they cry that it’s fate


“Thanks,” I say, just a little too late.


His back is already to me, his hands in the sink

He gets ready to make the next customer’s drink


I Ran Away With The Meat Shop Boy

I was in the garden behind the shop

When I heard a thud and the swish of a chop

I turned around, and got a shocking surprise

The most handsome boy right before my eyes

I let out a gasp and dropped all my chard

It floated to the ground, scattered in the yard

I quickly dropped down and hid behind the gate

As the boy turned around just a little too late

I held my breath until I heard him go inside

Then I slowly stood up and let out a sigh

I picked up the chard in a disconcerted haze

And dropped it off in the shop in a dreamy daze

The next day I was blending some peas

When I heard the bell and felt the rush of a breeze

I looked up to see who had entered the shop

And I swear, right then, my heart must have stopped

It was the boy from yesterday

He opened his mouth and started to say –

But then his eyes met mine and silence fell

Broken finally by the tinkle of a bell

My father walked inside and I hurriedly looked down

To find that my drink, still blending, had turned brown

I bottled it up and placed it on a rack

And then I heard a resounding smack

My father had shoved the boy out the door,

“We don’t sell to you!” He roared.

He stomped into the back room, his face red as a beet

As I stared, standing, frozen on my feet

I watched the boy return to the next shop on the street

And then I realized – his shop sold meat.

That night, I was in the backyard of the shop

In my nightgown, pulling out carrots with a plop

When I heard a pst from the other side of the gate

I stood up, wondering who would come here this late

On the other side of the fence was the meat-selling boy

Just the sight of his face made me smile with joy

He dropped down on one knee and confessed to his love

And compared my eyes to the stars from above

Quickly, I pulled him behind a tree

Smiling, happy, giddy with glee

But in an instant, my smile was wiped away

Replaced with a frown, worrisome and gray

My parents were vegetarians, his loved meat

Having a relationship would be no easy feat

I whispered this problem, a tear sliding down my cheek

And for a few seconds, the boy did not speak

Then he whispered a suggestion into my ears

One that made me wipe away all my tears

The next morning the sun rose and my parents got up

But when they went downstairs, there was no coffee in their cup

Instead, on their table, they found a note

And as they read what I had wrote

My mother collapsed into a chair

My father pulled out all his hair

My sister shook her head like she knew it all along

And my brother reread it, thinking he must have read it wrong

My picture was removed from the family tree

My family refuses to even speak of me

First in a long line of vegetarians, I have brought shame

Soiled, befouled, stained the family name

My good name, my dignity, all of it destroyed

All because I ran away with the meat-shop boy