her thighs are white like lightning strikes

just as blinding as the sun

but boy she loves to watch them

jiggle as she runs

her feet stomp like thunder

sending ripples through her skin

that blue ribbon hugs her chest

she jiggles as she wins

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle


Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo! (Part Two)

I know it’s a little late, but here’s the last three haikus in response to this challenge:


Also, I would like to quick wish my good friend a Happy Belated Birthday, whose birthday was yesterday. He’s an amazing friend. 🙂

Waking Up in A Stranger’s House

Fear beats through my heart

A wave of darkness greets me

Fade out to a room



Cold wind nips my nose

Numb fingers caress the ball

Flying from my hands



Rubbing aching cheeks

My smile pulls at my bones

Sweet laughter falls out

Thank You

This post is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/daily-prompt-thanks/

I hate how the “no’s” stream from your mouth

An effortless, constant onslaught of doubt

I hate the way you twist my dreams

How stupid and unrealistic they seem

I hate how wrong you always are

I hate how easily I am able to scar

I hate the way you make my heart pound

The way you crush the voice I’ve found

I hate you so much that I want to scream

I hate you so much, my ears fill with steam

I hate how you always tell me I can’t

You’re wrong, you’re wrong, I want to rant

I hate all that you’ve put me through

But because of that, I must thank you

Strangers – An Alphabet Poem (Daily Post Response)

This post is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/daily-prompt-orderly/. It’s a bit of a pathetic poem, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy.

Strangers – An Alphabet Poem

At first, everyone is a stranger

Because you

Can’t know anyone if you

Don’t try to talk to them

Everyone is an unfamiliar

Figure. You just have to work up the

Guts to go

Have a conversation

If you don’t know what to say, make a

Joke or share a fact you


Laugh a little. Laughter is the best

Medicine, after all

Now, the hard part is

Over – the first impression. But

Please don’t worry if you didn’t get it




That will happen

Usually, it’s not fatal. Many a friend have met with

Very terrible first impressions. It’s just

Water under the bridge now. So don’t have


You’ll soon learn that if you don’t try, you’ll have

Zero friends. So don’t be afraid of talking to strangers.

So, for all of you writers or poets out there looking for inspiration, I would recommend trying this book called The Pocket Muse. It’s full of ideas and inspiration for writing, and I adore it. There’s actually two different books, one and two, for those of you who want even more ideas. I know you can order them off of amazon, that’s where I got mine. In fact, this poem came from a prompt in the book: Write about the first time you conversed with a stranger. I varied a little from that, but I stuck with the stranger theme. I thought I would tell those interested, because it really is a nifty little book. Thanks! 🙂

The Word Trader

This post is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/daily-prompt-skill/

I haven’t got much to offer

No valuables to trade

No money or horses
Or trinkets I have made
I haven’t many skills
I’m not handy with my hands
I have no bed to sell
Can’t cook with pots and pans
But would you trade an apple?
For a few choice words
I’m not bad with the limericks
Or have you not heard?
I can mix you up a story
That will put you right to sleep
Or perhaps a stanza
To recite to those you meet
I could paint a pretty poem
One to make you smile
Make you chuckle, make you laugh
Entertain you for a while
If you are unlucky in love
Want to win a lass’s heart
A romantic love poem by me
Would give you a nice head start
So think on it for a moment
I could write for any mood
If you’d just trade me for my words
Perhaps some money or some food?

Love For a Summer Storm

This is a response to a daily post a few days ago: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/daily-prompt-rain/

I love a summer storm

The rush of the rain

The heartbeat of the earth

Pulsing through my veins

I love a summer storm

The rumbling of the thunder

The rattling of my house

As the trees are torn asunder

I love a summer storm

The flash of lightning

The yellow eerie glow

Fascinating, yet frightening

I love a summer storm

The warmth of a worn armchair

The smell of a good story

Swirling in the tempestuous air

I love a summer storm

The thrill that comes from existing

Daring to push my window open

To feel the storm writhing and twisting

I love a summer storm

The perfect rainy afternoon

The pleasure and excuse twirled together

A thunderstorm in June

Where Do Rules Come From?: A Daily Post Response

This post is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/daily-prompt-law/, which said to show rules.


Where do rules come from?

 Do they start in their youth

Falling from the mouth

Like a loose tooth?


Do rules begin with a frown

Permanently pressed in the mind

Like ironing clothing

Until the creases are defined?


Perhaps rules are the offspring

Of simple mistakes

Easy to follow

And harder to break


Do rules grow from the ground

Start with just dirt and scum

Blooming into respectable laws?

Where do rules come from?