things i’m sorry for

i’m sorry i stayed up until 2 last night watching MTV instead of sleeping

i’m sorry i said my mom was a bad parent for not calling

i’m sorry i cried after she did

i’m sorry i talk with my hands too much during interviews

i’m sorry i talk too much

i’m sorry i sometimes dislike my friends for being happy

i’m sorry i don’t understand W-4s and direct deposit forms

i’m sorry i don’t know how to use concealer and i don’t own a blazer or dress pants or a car

i’m sorry i think my life would somehow be better if i did

i’m sorry that i talk more about reading than i actually do read

i’m sorry that i’m 18 and i wiped my booger on the wall

i’m sorry i lied

i’m sorry i’m not actually sorry about that

i’m sorry that i glanced at the clock only during your parts of our conversation

i can tell you that coffee isn’t an adequate substitute for sleep

and the Beatles’ last album was Abbey Road

but we still won’t win at trivia

i stole a pen yesterday

i’m sorry about that


In Return (Daily Post Response)

This post is a response to: , which said to show nourishment. I strayed a little from the theme. Hope you like it!


The earth cradled me in her hands

Allowed me to drink from her rivers

To eat from her brood

Though I gave nothing in return

She brought winds to cool me

A sun to warm me

Stars to shelter me

Though I gave nothing in return

She grew flowers to please me

Vibrant colors and sweet fragrances

And allowed me to take them from her

Though I gave nothing in return

She nourished me and loved me

Until she had no more to give

But with one seed

Wrapped tenderly in a apology

And buried deep in thanks

I offered something in return