(for my stretch marks)

(for my stretch marks)


i’ve got badass lightning strikes on my thighs

did i ever tell you?

well i do

i’ve got crooked knees and

blurred vision

ears that could use cleaning

tiny wrists and a scar on my thumb

the occasional gray hair

acne scars and a chipped tooth

all of which are beautifully me

but my favorite – easily –

are the badass


white lines

that decorate my thighs

i wear my stripes

like a fucking warrior

What more is there to write about?

Write more about me, he urges

A fury deep within her surges

She yells out

What more is there to write about?


He fought and lost and savagely slurred

She used up all her lovely words

She cries when she can no longer shout

What more is there to write about?


His promises turn to vapor

She refuses to put pen to paper

In fear of the truth leaking out

Something she can’t write about


She sometimes loves him when she’s sleeping

And dreams that there’s no secret-keeping

Her morning coffee tastes of doubt

What more is there to write about?

a 2 hour moment

Image result for happy while dancing artistic photo



We dance on the wet grass like the losers we are

shoes piled up by the speakers

I’ve lost the upper register of my voice

and whatever makeup I had put on

to the singing and the sweating

but oh boy is it worth it

my feet are covered in dew

my hair is coming out and

tendrils cling to my face

it smells faintly of B.O. and my knee is aching

but oh boy is it worth it

sing, swing, cling, throw a few screams out

and a high kick if you’re feeling it

laughter echoes above the music



We trudge inside like the losers we are

but that night I sleep with a smile

An Explanation for My Irritation

imageIt is on days like these

when trees grow tall and green

and songs are whispered and laughed and sung together

When ponytails are loose and chocolate is melted

and we speak a language of inside jokes

that a reminder of reality – that I am almost adult

only furthers my transformation

into petulant child

Love Story in the Setting of the Apocalypse

There was a boy in a far away town,

and as he watched the world burn down,

he thought of all the girls he never loved

being washed away in the fiery flood.

For each girl, he shed one tear

until the ground was wet and the air was clear.

But the forlorn boy continued to weep

until his tears created a river so deep

that somewhere far across the world,

the water reached a lonely girl

and slowly, she began to swim.

She rode the waves back home to him.

And to this day, the people tell

the story of the world’s farewell,

and how one boy and one girl

and their love saved the world.