About Maggie

My name is Maggie George. I’m currently a college student, though I started this blog when I was in the eighth grade, something that is crazy to think about. Since then, I have used this blog to post poetry and the occasional short story that I’ve written. Any comment, like, or subscription is always appreciated – I don’t post that often so I won’t be blowing up your inbox. Here’s a little poem about me I wrote when I first created this blog:

I’m a writer, a poet

A teenager, a friend.

A daughter, a sister,

Will the list ever end?

I’m a reader, a student

A girl, a brunette

A granddaughter, a cat-owner

With a blog on the internet

This blog is where

 I’ll post my writing.

I’ll do my best

To keep it exciting.

So like or comment

Or share it with friends

I’d appreciate anything

Thanks! (I guess this is the end.)

Also, one last thing. I would love for you to share my work, but please remember to credit this author’s name (Maggie George, The Runaway Words). This is my work, and I would like for people to know that. Thanks!



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