Yesterday I held a human brain

Yesterday I held a human brain in my latex hands
And everyone squealed and wrinkled and poked and prodded and I was silent
This is all I am
One brain that I thought would look more like a file cabinet and less like coral
One brain and one heartbeat fading in and out subliminal messages
One crooked knee (times two)
One bellybutton and one broken scar on my chest
One pattern of swirling indentations on the surface of my fingers
One body that is essentially a soft turtle shell for my soul
One body that will leave me when I leave it, rotting and disintegrating like magic
And it is all I am
And I am all it is
Human brains are stiffer than I thought
You can’t squeeze them and force the memories to come out


In An Ideal World

I think, in an ideal world,
She will be small and lonely, round glasses on a nose
Lenses the thickness of coke bottles and
Hair as fickle as sunshine and rain
And she will creep into the store, searching
Her hands careful on the door so the bell doesn’t ring
She will breathe in the smell of canvas magic, her heavy shoulders suddenly buoyant
Her fingers will tickle the spines of her friends as if to say
Wake up – it’s time to tell your stories
She will stop to pick up the lone paperback, forgotten on the floor
Flooded with empathy for inanimate objects
Hair falling in her face, she will curl up, spines digging into her spine
Poetry prominent, reality receding
She will revel in the comfort of words that feel like her own
And maybe –
She will make a new friend