Shrunken T-Shirt

I never felt so lonely

As I did when I was with you

You tossed me in the dryer

And shrunk me down to fit you

I used to be much bigger

Softer, brighter, louder

You strung me up and hung me up

I used to be much prouder

I watched you and I cried inside

As I became exposed

But I also didn’t stop you

So I deserved it, I suppose


Where Do You Hide?

Where do you hide when you need to be alone

When the world seems too big and too small

When you don’t want to talk to anyone at all

Where do you hide when you can’t breathe

When your peripheral vision starts to blur

When your sinkhole depression starts to occur

Where do you hide when you need the world to just stop

When reality becomes too much for your brain

When you’re afraid your stress will make permanent stains

Where do you hide?

Because I want to know

When you’re running on empty

Where do you go?

I’m right here

Tucked in my hiding place

With the smell of books

And tears on my face

There’s room for one more

If you need to hide

It’s okay if you’re broken

Please, come inside