A Tragedy

She gave everything away – and they called her a tragedy

Broken and empty, they said

But she lived and loved

Crashed and burned

Shimmered and exploded

A true tragedy is having everything to give –

And no one to give it to


Baby of Mine

I have written you into my dreams

Dipped your undecided name in starlight

Wrapped it sparkling, tightly to my heart

And though you are no more than a far-off dream

Not even a seed inside of me

I have never felt closer to anyone

I have never loved an idea the way I love you

The Difference between You and Me


The difference between you and me is

You would never hesitate

To hurl a meteor into someone else’s constellation

Constantly colliding and banging

People and things

The epitome of beautiful carelessness

But I –

 I only go as far as the tip of my finger

As it follows a shooting star

I sit in the corner of space

Comfortably hiding

Avoiding gravity because I know I can’t fly