Have you ever held a gun?

Have you ever held a gun?

No, probably not.

The closest thing I’ve ever had

Is my brother’s plastic machine gun

Rapid fire throughout the house

Smiling and fake-dying

Until it broke

It wasn’t as much fun

When the noise stopped

But you would break, too

If I held a gun to your skull

Rapid fire throughout the head

Have you ever held a gun?

I don’t think I want to.


TV Remote Buttons in the Dark


I wish I could live in darkness

Not because I love the dark

But because I hate the light

There are 45 buttons on the TV remote

But I have counted them 45 billion times

The knowledge of knowing there is always 45

Is reassuring

And comforting

My mind runs in shambles and circles

It only makes sense to me

But who knows?

Maybe someone else will understand

Counting TV remote buttons in the dark