Alma Gemela

Are you out there?


I wonder what you’re doing.

I wonder what you’re feeling.

Happy, confused, sad…

I hope you’re confused.

Not because I want you to be confused, but because

I’m confused.

About a lot of things.

I wonder how we’ll meet.

Accidentally, maybe, running into each other – literally.

Oh, I don’t know,

Look at me making up scenarios in my head

Well, wherever you are

I hope you’re thinking about me.


Writer’s Block

How dare you try and –

I cannot believe you would –

The nerve of you to –


I have a thousand and one sparkling golden bestseller ideas just bouncing around in my head

and you are hampering my ability

to translate even

one sentence onto paper

I shall ask you just one more time –

No, I am telling you just one single –

Time is important and you are wasting –

I can’t even think.

This is entirely your fault.