I remember the bright lights

Reflecting in my young

Innocent glassy eyes

Explosions of color

And I thought fireworks just chose

What color they wanted to be

Purple or red

Blue or green

But now, with chemistry

And physics burning brightly in my brain

  I realize the fireworks didn’t choose

They were made that way.


A Notebook

This is a notebook

For you to do whatever

Write stories or jot down

Goals to which you endeavor

You could fill the pages

With oodles and oodles

Of nonsense scribbles,

Or pointless doodles

Crowd it with reminders

Or load it with notes

You could make it inspirational

And fill it with quotes

Anything that you want

The possibilities don’t end

Oh, and Merry Christmas

From Maggie, your friend!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo! (Part Two)

I know it’s a little late, but here’s the last three haikus in response to this challenge:

Also, I would like to quick wish my good friend a Happy Belated Birthday, whose birthday was yesterday. He’s an amazing friend. 🙂

Waking Up in A Stranger’s House

Fear beats through my heart

A wave of darkness greets me

Fade out to a room



Cold wind nips my nose

Numb fingers caress the ball

Flying from my hands



Rubbing aching cheeks

My smile pulls at my bones

Sweet laughter falls out