Please wait

A minute while

I pick up my frayed ends

I wouldn’t want you

To accidentally step on them

And unravel me


My Shadow

I wrote this poem on here: http://ettcweb.lr.k12.nj.us/forms/newpoem.htm. It’s actually a really cool and fun poetry template website if you’ve got writer’s block or are just super-busy.

My shadow wears
a too-small black dress 
shoes of smoke 
scarves up her to her black rimmed eyes 
and she knows
the order of things
Her hair is like
a black streak of sunlight 
My shadow is a ghost 
who knows all your fears 
twisting and manipulating them 
until you are trapped

In the prison of her eyes

The Lonely Poem

This is the poem that hides
in the corner of the classroom
that weeps silently, but does not cry
because being invisible hurts
because asking to be seen hurts more

And when loneliness
washes you out to the middle of the sea
this is the poem that waits for you
underneath the vivid coral and striking starfish

As you sink down into the darkness
to keep you company at rock bottom

Until you begin to see the stars again