Flowers And Rocks

It was the day you came stumbling

Tears streaming down your freckled cheeks

When you said how you hated the world

How you felt like a pebble in a field of flowers

Small, ugly, gray and insignificant

I swept you into my arms with a smile

And wiped the wet sorrow from your face

Let them be flowers, I declared

All pretty and perfect

But wilting away the moment someone picks on them

I’d rather be a rock

Strong and solid, wearing away only after

I’ve skipped and skimmed the tops of creeks

Bounced around in children’s pants pockets

Known the sensation of soaring into the sky

Felt the jarring pull of gravity

Or been shaken by cars in the road

Anyone can be a flower, I told you

And you soaked up my words

In the way only a child can

It was the day you went scampering away with a smile

Never again did you run back

With sweet-smelling blossoms clasped in your hands

But your pockets always bulged

And your smile never changed




One thought on “Flowers And Rocks

  1. This was lovely, my favorite part was probably the description of rocks, skimming creeks and rustling in pockets. 🙂

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