Nasty Nancy

Nancy was a normal little girl

Who liked normal little girl things

Playing with dollies, running outside

Doing her hair, swinging on swings

But Nancy had a problem

Quite a big one too

She had a fear of nail clippers

And so her nails grew

They grew and grew and grew

Until they reached her knees

Her parents begged her to let them cut them

“Just let us clip them, Nancy, please!”

But Nancy simply shook her head

And went off to swing outside

But she no longer could grip the swings

She found to her surprise

Every day her nails grew

And grew and grew some more

Until those nasty nails

Could almost touch the floor!

But Nancy still refused to cut them

And slowly they turned brown

They curled around in spirals

Dragging noisily on the ground

Her friends had long left her

Nasty Nancy was now her name

And her gross, dirty, long fingernails

Became her claim to fame

She could no longer leave the house

They didn’t fit through the door

Or take a shower, or read a book

Or do anything but lay on the floor

She became a couch potato

And her fingernails started to rot

Until one day, she moved her hands

And her fingernails all fell off


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