The Riverbank, Part One

For the longest time, I just sat by the riverbank

Too scared to swim across

With each tear I shed, the waters grew larger

Every shaky breath I took turned to wind

Inky black tumultuous waves

Black from the mascara I wore to hide my unhappiness

But with every tear, my shield dripped away

Consumed by fear, obsessed with the water

Riveted, terrified, depressed

But then my hand slipped out from the other

Unlocking my knees from my chest

Touching something that felt familiar

The soft lushness of thin blades

Emerald grass grew for miles, I found

As I began to look at my surroundings

Vibrant colors I hadn’t noticed

Green grass, the scarlet flowers that swayed

The sky was blue, so very blue

And I wanted to kiss it for saving me

Trees soared above my head

Solid like I wished to be

They knew my wish, so they gave me their branches

And I built a bridge over the river

When I finished, I walked across it

And I saw, looking back, that the water was still there

But somehow,

I was no longer afraid


2 thoughts on “The Riverbank, Part One

  1. I think technology (or is it me?) lost my comment. I was going to say: Yay for conquering sadness! There are days when I just don’t wear my mascara for fear of ruining it when my sadness sets in, and yet on the other hand, wearing make-up saves me from deep depression.

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