Strangers – An Alphabet Poem (Daily Post Response)

This post is a response to: It’s a bit of a pathetic poem, but hopefully, you’ll enjoy.

Strangers – An Alphabet Poem

At first, everyone is a stranger

Because you

Can’t know anyone if you

Don’t try to talk to them

Everyone is an unfamiliar

Figure. You just have to work up the

Guts to go

Have a conversation

If you don’t know what to say, make a

Joke or share a fact you


Laugh a little. Laughter is the best

Medicine, after all

Now, the hard part is

Over – the first impression. But

Please don’t worry if you didn’t get it




That will happen

Usually, it’s not fatal. Many a friend have met with

Very terrible first impressions. It’s just

Water under the bridge now. So don’t have


You’ll soon learn that if you don’t try, you’ll have

Zero friends. So don’t be afraid of talking to strangers.

So, for all of you writers or poets out there looking for inspiration, I would recommend trying this book called The Pocket Muse. It’s full of ideas and inspiration for writing, and I adore it. There’s actually two different books, one and two, for those of you who want even more ideas. I know you can order them off of amazon, that’s where I got mine. In fact, this poem came from a prompt in the book: Write about the first time you conversed with a stranger. I varied a little from that, but I stuck with the stranger theme. I thought I would tell those interested, because it really is a nifty little book. Thanks! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Strangers – An Alphabet Poem (Daily Post Response)

  1. Great poem! I have been wondering what words WP folks use for X and Z. By the way, I love The Pocket Muse. I don’t have the first one but I do have the second one. The writing ideas are really neat.

  2. Nice, I did this one too. X is probably the hardest, but xenophobia is pretty creative, so a standing ovation for you! 😀

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  9. I read this a couple of times and fell into the rhythm, it’s very nice, humorous and flows well. You picked a great theme to work with and I think anyone reading this will be smiling and more confident talking to strangers – no more “stranger danger” for us!

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