His eyes are wide, wet


Black holes boring into mine

He makes no noise

Yet his scream echoes in my ears

A second too late

I wish to stop my hand

The shining, silver dagger

But I can’t

I watch

The dagger plunges into his chest

Sinking as easily

As if his skin were butter

I watch his chest heave

His face twitches

The light behind his eyes flickers

Stop. No.

I stare, unable to move my eyes

As the light burns out

Leaving two, empty

Glass eyes

I can feel his soul rise up

From inside him

And a thin sheet breaks off

Resting on my heart

So I will always

Feel the burden

Of the life I took



My heart beats faster

But the pressure never leaves

I wrote this poem about two years ago, and came across it when looking through my flash drive. Thought I’d post it 🙂


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