The Swing Girl

My uncle’s house

Has a wooden swing

In the front yard

Hanging from a tree

I look at it and think

If I lived here,

I would swing on that swing every day

Up and down

My bare feet tickling the grass

So much that all the neighbors

Wouldn’t bother to learn my name

I would just be “The Swing Girl”

As they walk by in the morning with their dogs

Wave hello to The Swing Girl

As they come outside to sweep their porches in the evening

Wave goodnight to The Swing Girl

I would swing and swing and swing

Until I forgot my own name

Content with being The Swing Girl

But I don’t live here

And there is no tree

With a wooden swing

In my front yard

So I won’t swing every day

And there will be no The Swing Girl

When the neighbors walk by

Or look out their windows

But I know

That in my head

I can be The Swing Girl all day long


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