The Word Trader

This post is a response to:

I haven’t got much to offer

No valuables to trade

No money or horses
Or trinkets I have made
I haven’t many skills
I’m not handy with my hands
I have no bed to sell
Can’t cook with pots and pans
But would you trade an apple?
For a few choice words
I’m not bad with the limericks
Or have you not heard?
I can mix you up a story
That will put you right to sleep
Or perhaps a stanza
To recite to those you meet
I could paint a pretty poem
One to make you smile
Make you chuckle, make you laugh
Entertain you for a while
If you are unlucky in love
Want to win a lass’s heart
A romantic love poem by me
Would give you a nice head start
So think on it for a moment
I could write for any mood
If you’d just trade me for my words
Perhaps some money or some food?


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