Sometimes I feel like my life is a constant search for inspiration. Inspiration for a poem, inspiration for a school project, even inspiration for what to wear tomorrow. I need inspiration. I require it like I require oxygen to breathe, water to drink, love to live. Therefore, I am constantly looking for it. Can I find inspiration in the pages of this book? Can I find it in the feeling of accomplishment? Can I find in the that plinking sound the tap makes when it’s leaky? Recently, though, I have come to the conclusion that inspiration cannot be found. No matter how hard I look, inspiration has a mind of its own. It hides in corners with a flashlight, making hand shadows on the wall, then quickly turning off the light when I lean in for a closer look. Inspiration sneaks into my closet, and makes monster noises under my bed at night. Sometimes, inspiration will even play the part of a little birdie, whispering things in the ears of my friends and laughing at my reaction. Inspiration is omnipresent, and I used to be of the belief that if I just looked hard enough, I could find it. But inspiration can’t be found. It is, by definition of itself, a sudden animation, an idea come from nowhere. A surprise. So while I doubt I will ever be able to stop searching for inspiration, I have learned to relax my hunt from time to time, and simply lay back with a glass of ice-cold lemonade. And when the cool drop of condensation trickles down to my arm, causing my eyes to flicker open with an idea – well, that’s inspiration for you.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I concur – whenever I set out to find anything, really, from a new pair of shoes to the truth that connects us all together, it can’t be found. Then, one day it arrives! Patience, it just took a little patience…

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