Letter to Stubborness (A Daily Post Response)

This is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/daily-prompt-ugly/

Stubbornness may not be my least favorite trait of mine, but I’ve recently had a frustrating bout of it, so I thought a letter to it would be appropriate.

Dear Stubbornness,

            I regret to inform you that if you do not learn to control yourself, you will be made to leave by next week. When you first came to me, I though you would be a good addition to the Restraint Department, along with Willpower and Logic. However, you have not been following the guidelines that come with working in this brain. Sneaking into other departments is not allowed. It is ironic that the department you were placed is restraint, because you seem to have none. The minute Laziness or Fear objects to the slightest thing, you find them and torment them into refusal. I feel the need to remind you that tormenting your coworkers is not allowed. I am aware that all workers here are connected and may have influence over one another, but I have to put my foot down when it comes to wrestling with the different emotions. Your actions have led to many members here having to work extra hours. Guilt and Confusion tried to quit yesterday, and Fear has been giving a lot of his work to Insecurity. The point is, Stubbornness, is that this cannot go on much longer. You need to shape up or ship out.


                                                                                    The Head of The Emotions Department


7 thoughts on “Letter to Stubborness (A Daily Post Response)

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