Princess of the Sea

She started out just a girl

And she thought that was all she’d ever be

Until one day she was gifted a title

Princess of the Sea

She embraced it gladly

Loved it with all her heart

For she felt it was the one thing

That truly set her apart

She took her title everywhere

Wore it on her head like a crown

It lifted her higher, stretched her taller

Until the day it made her drown

For there came a time

When she desired more

Jewels and gold to adorn her

Finery galore

But soon, even that was not enough

She became irrational in her cupidity

She wanted what she was Princess of –

She yearned for the sea

One night when the moon was high

And the ocean lay still

She appeared at the top of the mount

Then glided down the hill

Standing at the edge of the deep

Draped in all her splendor

She dipped her foot, sending ripples

Then to the sea she surrendered

Fully submerged in the water

She claimed victory

Reveling in her glory

Of conquering the sea

But as soon as she tried to swim

She found she couldn’t go

Heavy were her wrists and neck

From her golden jewelry show

She struggled to escape

But the ocean cared not for her strains

It conquered her, not the other way around

As her golden crown turned into chains


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