Sometimes I feel like my life is a constant search for inspiration. Inspiration for a poem, inspiration for a school project, even inspiration for what to wear tomorrow. I need inspiration. I require it like I require oxygen to breathe, water to drink, love to live. Therefore, I am constantly looking for it. Can I find inspiration in the pages of this book? Can I find it in the feeling of accomplishment? Can I find in the that plinking sound the tap makes when it’s leaky? Recently, though, I have come to the conclusion that inspiration cannot be found. No matter how hard I look, inspiration has a mind of its own. It hides in corners with a flashlight, making hand shadows on the wall, then quickly turning off the light when I lean in for a closer look. Inspiration sneaks into my closet, and makes monster noises under my bed at night. Sometimes, inspiration will even play the part of a little birdie, whispering things in the ears of my friends and laughing at my reaction. Inspiration is omnipresent, and I used to be of the belief that if I just looked hard enough, I could find it. But inspiration can’t be found. It is, by definition of itself, a sudden animation, an idea come from nowhere. A surprise. So while I doubt I will ever be able to stop searching for inspiration, I have learned to relax my hunt from time to time, and simply lay back with a glass of ice-cold lemonade. And when the cool drop of condensation trickles down to my arm, causing my eyes to flicker open with an idea – well, that’s inspiration for you.



Sometimes I wish that someone would tell me that

No, I can’t

I wish they would laugh at me

And tell me no

No, no, no, no, no

So I could take those no’s

And make balls of them in my fists

Hurling them back one at a time


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Stretching out those last words

Shaking them like a baseball bat

Ready to hit every “no” that flies my way

Feel the satisfying slam of not caring

Believing, knowing, doing,

I wish – I dare – someone to tell me

To throw me a no

As I stand

I CAN in hand

Challenging, defying, disregarding

Yes, yes, yes



I’m covered in bumps

Red, itchy bumps

Burning, scarlet,

Raised, ugly lumps

They start on my back

Then creep up my side

Over my shoulders

These nasties slide

Hugging my knees

They keep me awake

Sneaking up on my face

Slithering like a snake

One by one

I swallow the pills

The ones that promise

To rid me of ills

Banish the bumps

That scratch like knives

I never want again

To get hives

(Hives are usually a result of an allergic reaction. They’re not very pretty looking, and they itch like crazy. If you don’t know what they look like, you can use this link: )

Red Blood

This post: gave me the inspiration for this poem. Thank you to the author!

Hope you guys like this post!

She complains when the month turns red

But in truth, she welcomes

The pains that shoot up her sides

Stabbing like knives, screwing with her head

The thick flow of blood

And the sickening stench

She cannot control it and it scares her

To bleed

But she welcomes – she dares- it to come

To push her to her limits

She complains when the month turns red

But, in truth, she welcomes it

Because, if nothing else,

It makes her feel alive

Letter to Stubborness (A Daily Post Response)

This is a response to:

Stubbornness may not be my least favorite trait of mine, but I’ve recently had a frustrating bout of it, so I thought a letter to it would be appropriate.

Dear Stubbornness,

            I regret to inform you that if you do not learn to control yourself, you will be made to leave by next week. When you first came to me, I though you would be a good addition to the Restraint Department, along with Willpower and Logic. However, you have not been following the guidelines that come with working in this brain. Sneaking into other departments is not allowed. It is ironic that the department you were placed is restraint, because you seem to have none. The minute Laziness or Fear objects to the slightest thing, you find them and torment them into refusal. I feel the need to remind you that tormenting your coworkers is not allowed. I am aware that all workers here are connected and may have influence over one another, but I have to put my foot down when it comes to wrestling with the different emotions. Your actions have led to many members here having to work extra hours. Guilt and Confusion tried to quit yesterday, and Fear has been giving a lot of his work to Insecurity. The point is, Stubbornness, is that this cannot go on much longer. You need to shape up or ship out.


                                                                                    The Head of The Emotions Department

Love For a Summer Storm

This is a response to a daily post a few days ago:

I love a summer storm

The rush of the rain

The heartbeat of the earth

Pulsing through my veins

I love a summer storm

The rumbling of the thunder

The rattling of my house

As the trees are torn asunder

I love a summer storm

The flash of lightning

The yellow eerie glow

Fascinating, yet frightening

I love a summer storm

The warmth of a worn armchair

The smell of a good story

Swirling in the tempestuous air

I love a summer storm

The thrill that comes from existing

Daring to push my window open

To feel the storm writhing and twisting

I love a summer storm

The perfect rainy afternoon

The pleasure and excuse twirled together

A thunderstorm in June