If I Couldn’t Fail – Daily Post Response

This is a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/daily-prompt-too-big-to-fail/

I know I really only answered the first part of the question. Sorry, folks!

If I couldn’t fail

I would sing on Broadway

I would tap dance and smile

And blow them away

I would learn every language

There is to learn

I would try to set fire

To something that won’t burn

I would teach an ant how to dance

I would build a house

I would do an impression

Of Minnie Mouse

I would write a novel

And have it sell worldwide

I would discover Oz

And become a tour guide

I would make everyone smile

All across the land

I would cure cancer

I would do a handstand

I would grow wings and fly

I would learn Braille

And then, lastly –

I would fail.


4 thoughts on “If I Couldn’t Fail – Daily Post Response

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