I could trap you

With the ropes of rumors

People have so willingly strung

Along the necks of others

Like a death sentence to a reputation

Tug after tug

The floor falls away

I could trap you


Carved into your heart

Like the hollowed letters on my desk

Jordon and Hilary Forever

A threat

To cling to that rope

Twist it around my arm

Climbing up like poison ivy

And never let it go

Whispers pulsate through it

A steady, constant flow

Like blood in your veins

Needs oxygen

This needs spite

I could trap you

Or take a knife to the vein

And watch the blood spill freely

Dribble to the ground

So when the floor drops away

There is no rope to suffocate you

Just falling

Tasting the kind of freedom

That dances in your hair

Steals your voice

Nips at the corners of your eyes

The best kind of falling

Is absolutely


And utterly



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