Electrified: Daily Post Response

So, this poem is a response to this post:


Which basically said write a poem!! So here you go, hope you enjoy.


The rain wails and cries

Pouring down in sheets

Covering the streets

Rushing with a thousand sighs

Thunder drops its heavy fist

Lightning strikes the ground

Frying the trees brown

As their shriveled branches twist

Into the pitch black abyss

Leaves electrified green and glowing

Every single vein showing

Nature simply can’t resist

The wind howls with a fury, roars with rage

Twists and shakes and rattles bones

Smacks and overturns slimy stones

That was her cue and this is her stage

Rolling, rollicking thunder rumbles

Lightning crashes down once more

Lighting up the muddy floor

Tempestuous storms – the earth tumbles


4 thoughts on “Electrified: Daily Post Response

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