Shooting Stars (A Companion Piece)

This poem is a response to this daily prompt:

A lovely blogger, Maggie’s Stories, did a companion piece to one of my poems, so I thought I’d return the favor. This is a response to this poem: Rain of Stars

Hopefully you like it!

Shooting Stars

A shimmering silver spark

Hits my windowpane with a hiss

I look outside, and I see

(It’s impossible to miss)

It’s raining stars

Streaking, shiny, sizzling drops

Tear through the sky

Hit the ground with some pops

The streets are paved with moonbeams

The sky is falling down

Shooting stars are all to see

For many miles around

I held out my finger

And caught a silver spark

I took a breath and closed my eyes

And made a wish in the sudden dark


6 thoughts on “Shooting Stars (A Companion Piece)

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