Down the Drain

I can feel the earth shudder

As the thunder rattles my bones

Yellow squiggles of electricity

Rip through the sky

Blinding, stunning, extraordinary

Hazy glowing imprints

On the inside of my eyelids

Trying to blink them out

Instead a salty drop slides down

Trickles into the corner of my mouth

Dry, cracked lips

In need of water, in need of something

Another boom of thunder

Jolts fear into my heart

We are all actors

In the play called life

But only some have a script

The rest wander around in a fog

Hands reaching, searching

Feeling the air for something to grip

Something to hold onto

Another tear slips down my cheek

Or maybe it’s a raindrop

They blend together like

Electrocute, Sitcom or Clash

The thunder clashes

As I fall with the lightning

Down to the ground

But I don’t disappear

I am still here

Along with all the problems the world can hold

And then some

I am still here

Confused and desolate and frightened

Teeth close on fingernails that aren’t there

And fingers feel for a hand that’s not coming

I can still hear the gunshots

Though they are not here

I still am


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