Second Helpings

This poem is not written by me, it’s written by John Brehm, but I love it so much that I thought I would share it with all of you. I just “discovered” it a few days ago. Hopefully it will speak to you like it speaks to me.

Second Helpings

By John Brehm

I wear my heart on my sleeve,

or rather both sleeves, since

it’s usually broken.

Sometimes when I join my hands

to pray, the jagged edges

briefly touch,

like a plate that fell and cracked

apart from being asked

to hold too much.



Electrified: Daily Post Response

So, this poem is a response to this post:

Which basically said write a poem!! So here you go, hope you enjoy.


The rain wails and cries

Pouring down in sheets

Covering the streets

Rushing with a thousand sighs

Thunder drops its heavy fist

Lightning strikes the ground

Frying the trees brown

As their shriveled branches twist

Into the pitch black abyss

Leaves electrified green and glowing

Every single vein showing

Nature simply can’t resist

The wind howls with a fury, roars with rage

Twists and shakes and rattles bones

Smacks and overturns slimy stones

That was her cue and this is her stage

Rolling, rollicking thunder rumbles

Lightning crashes down once more

Lighting up the muddy floor

Tempestuous storms – the earth tumbles

Books I Can Read Again…And Again…And Again

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt: Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Now, I am huge on rereading books. I do it all the time. I’ve probably reread every single book that I own – scratch that, I have reread every single book that I own. But here are a few that I especially love to read. (And read and read and read…)

1. The Harry Potter Series. I first read the first book when I was in the second grade – been hooked ever since. I love the whole series. I’ve read each book at least 20 times.  I mean, come on, a magical school in Great Britain full of teenagers? Fighting evil? Not to mention the horrible, yet hilarious Dursleys. For me, the series never  – and never will – get old.

2.  The Virals Series. Ok, so there are only three books in the series so far, but it is so good!!! I’ve reread the books several times now. I really love the humor and the way it’s so  easy to read. I also really admire the main character. Plus the plot has so many twists – just awesome.

3. The Princess Bride – I love this book. I love how the story is written, especially with all the little remarks in italics. It also has something for everyone – action, comedy, romance. For me, it’s a classic story and I always feel satisfied after reading it.

Ok, I’m going to stop here,  for a couple reasons. One, because I have to go and two, because I could literally list all 200 something books on my bookshelf. To Kill A Mockingbird, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Ella Enchanted, The Percy Jackson Series, A Wrinkle in Time, A Northern Light, ok I’m forcing my fingers to stop typing now. Hopefully you guys appreciate this little branching out from my writing. If not, don’t worry, the next thing I post will be something I wrote.

– Maggie

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
― Oscar Wilde

The Bird

There used to be this bird

Outside my window

And every time I would open the window

He would chirp

Sometimes a lot

Sometimes a little

But he would always chirp

So it got to where I looked forward

To his little chirps

Every time my hands

Would grip the window frame

I would anticipate his song

I wanted to hear his voice

His opinion

I liked this little bird

But one day

I opened the window

And heard nothing

I could still see the bird

Hidden among the branches

But heard nothing

It was the same the next day

And the next

The bird stopped caring


I’m not sure

Even so

I continue to open the window

Every time

Hoping to hear a little chirp

But all I get is silence

This poem was written about a friend of mine. Hopefully if they read it, they’ll know who they are.

Shooting Stars (A Companion Piece)

This poem is a response to this daily prompt:

A lovely blogger, Maggie’s Stories, did a companion piece to one of my poems, so I thought I’d return the favor. This is a response to this poem: Rain of Stars

Hopefully you like it!

Shooting Stars

A shimmering silver spark

Hits my windowpane with a hiss

I look outside, and I see

(It’s impossible to miss)

It’s raining stars

Streaking, shiny, sizzling drops

Tear through the sky

Hit the ground with some pops

The streets are paved with moonbeams

The sky is falling down

Shooting stars are all to see

For many miles around

I held out my finger

And caught a silver spark

I took a breath and closed my eyes

And made a wish in the sudden dark

I Wish That

I wish that

I could pull worries from my heart

Like a magician pulls a handkerchief from his sleeve

Then hang them out to dry

In the cool summer breeze

I wish that

I could free my hope

From the cage that guards my heart

And watch it flutter around

Falling and rising with every breath

I wish that

I could eat bravery up

Like a strong, hearty stew

Gobble it up until its gone

Then smack my lips fearlessly

I wish that

I could have a pesticide

For greed and jealousy

Could spray my heart

With cool, calming logic

I wish that

I could untangle love

Like pulling knots out of knitting

Smoothing the bumps and cutting off stray pieces

Until it was flat and clear to see

I wish that

I could buy wisdom

Like a book of instructions

Ready to be read

And devoured thoroughly

I wish that

I could understand why

My heart feels like a marionette

With other hands tugging on the strings

Pulling it this way and that way

I wish that

Sometimes I could lock my heart away

And forget pain, forget sorrow

But I can’t

Those hands just won’t let go



I poured my feelings

Straight from my heart

Onto a piece of paper

Until the ink bled through

Blossoming red pools

Then I folded it into an airplane

Ran my fingers up and down

Forming sharp edges, smooth creases

A red paper airplane

And then I let it


Through the atmosphere

Swirling and twirling

Looping and swooping

’Til it took a wrong turn into a cloud

Spiraling down to the ground

Slowly coming to rest on a puddle

Wilting softly

Edges dissolving

Ink seeping out

Billows of red diffusing throughout

Until it was just a soggy paper

In a pool of red

But I still remember

When my paper airplane could