What I Live For


I live for the happy moments

Sappy moments

The nowhere-near-crappy-moments

I live for the smiles

The thank you’s and pleases

The chorus of “Bless you’s”

When somebody sneezes

I live for the funny moments

Sweet-as-honey moments

Gasp-and-wheeze-and-smile-until-your-nose-is-runny moments

I live for the salty tears

Of letting everything go

I live for all the patchwork memories

For the seams so tightly sewn

I live for the sublime moments

The once-upon-time moments

The that-just-blew-my-mind moments

I live for the stories

For the breaking away

For the smell of crisp paper

And worlds where I can stay

I live for the YES! moments

The I-tried-my-best moments

The I-can’t-believe-I-had-a-lucky-guess moments

But most of all

I live for the close moments

The I-love-you-the-most moments

The pajamas-and-TV-and-slightly-burnt-toast-moments

I live

For those moments


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