This poem isn’t my best, but I wrote it because I was a little annoyed at a comment someone made. Thought I’d post it. Why not? 🙂

This is a letter from me

To the annoying word too:

Dear Too,

What’s wrong with you?

Why must you be

So very judgmental?

Too pretty, too ugly

Much too sentimental

Too fake, too real

Too soft, too hard

Too cold, too hot

Too clean, too scarred

Too mean, too nice

Too rich, too poor

Too short, too tall

Must I list more?

You’re getting on my nerves

I really must say

I’ve had about enough

Of you for today.

But on second thought,

Maybe I’m being a little quick to judge

Now that I think about it

You must have a grudge

People always put the emphasis on you

TOO dirty, TOO lazy, TOO dumb

All that weight must be awfully heavy

I’ll bet your back is now numb

No wonder you’re always so judgmental

I know I’d be too

If I had to carry all that weight on me

By the end of the day, I’d be through

So, I’m sorry for the reprimand

I realize now I was unfair

 You’re just doing your job

So don’t worry too much; hang in there!


5 thoughts on “Too

  1. I never knew you could write a poem with the word “Too”, and so you have inspired, me, for I had not a clue. So here I sit, ready to write….mind you this could take all night. But at least I know have something to do…might need a drink or two.

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