Those days I drenched my thoughts in

Laughter, pinky promises

Unbrushed hair

Classroom whispers

And truths or dares

Like images on strips of film

Hook them up and crank the wheel

And through the static and fading memory –

I see you

Running alongside me

Make-believe and play-pretend

Magic flowing through our veins

Your messy ponytail –

Ideas and spells intertwined in the tangles

Your crooked smile –

Triumph and innocence stained on your teeth

Your dirty feet –

Freedom caked along your heel and squished in between your toes

And I’m right next to you

With laughter and adventure and trust

I need you

To save me from the boiling lava below my swing set

You need me

To hold your dolly while you use the bathroom

I need you

Like you need me

As real as grilled cheese and picnic blankets

Superheroes and bad guys

As the film reel comes to an end

I realize

Maybe our teeth are straight

And our toes are painted

And our hair is brushed

But inside my heart

Among the trees and the wind

You will always be

Running alongside me


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