Just A Poem

Just A Poem

This is just a poem.

That’s it.

Nothing else.

It doesn’t rhyme

So put away your A’s and your B’s

And don’t even mention rhythm, please

There’s no alliteration here

No smooth sounds swirling around on your tongue

– Sorry!

No analogies here either

An analogy is to this poem

As a zebra is to Antarctica

You can’t find them there!

And there is no way in a gazillion years

That you would find a hyperbole here

This poem has no similes

Or metaphors

Other poems are a puzzle

Complicated and confusing

But not this one

This one is like a breath of fresh air

Finally, a poem

Where you don’t have to dig for a hidden meaning

So take your shovels elsewhere

Where you don’t have to squeeze

Every bit of every bit of information out

So go and find another poem to strangle

Because this one is just a poem

And that’s that


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