Every Halloween night

I hide under my bed

And wait for my bell to ring

With a growing dread

For whenever it does

I shudder and shake

Thinking of who’s behind my door

And the things that await

Could it be a witch

That rang my doorbell?

Hissing and cackling

Maybe casting a spell

Riding her broomstick or

Stirring a bubbling, simmering pot

Oh, how awful!

Please, make it stop!

Perhaps it’s a ghost

Waiting behind the door

Wavering, see – through

A human no more

Going to sneak up behind me

Floating in midair

Yell “BOO!” really loud

And give me a scare

Maybe a monster waits

For me to let it in

With twenty eyes and dirty fur

And a toothy, nasty grin

Claws that will shred my flesh

He’ll eat me up for lunch

My legs he’ll save for dinner

Biting my bone in half with a crunch

Tossing these thoughts aside

I hear the doorbell ring

I push myself out from under my bed

And grab a couple things

Candy bar in my left hand

Baseball bat in the right

I make my way to the door

Battling against my fright

Could it be a vampire,

A ghoul, a mummy?

A clown, a hungry creature?

Who might find me yummy?

Slowly, I turn the knob

The door pulls open and what do I see?

A little bumblebee who says,

“Trick or treat!”

I manage a smile

Then drop candy in her bag

I shut the door quickly

That wasn’t so bad.

Now I know what you’re thinking

You’re laughing at me

You think I’m stupid

To be afraid of a bee

But I’ll tell you something

That stinger of hers

It looked mighty sharp –

I’ll bet it hurts!


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