The Essence of Myself

Holding on tightly

Didn’t want to let go

Scared of the unknown

Of things I didn’t know

I try to come off smart

But I’m as blind as all the rest

Unable to see what’s in front of me

Just want to be the best

Ignorance of the obvious

I spin my tales of worry

Life stares me in the face

But I’m in too much of a hurry

There’s always a goal I have to reach

I’m always searching for happiness

Never shall I be satisfied

No matter how much I am blessed

But now and then, I take a moment

To look me in the eyes

Admire myself for once

All truth, no lies



Every Halloween night

I hide under my bed

And wait for my bell to ring

With a growing dread

For whenever it does

I shudder and shake

Thinking of who’s behind my door

And the things that await

Could it be a witch

That rang my doorbell?

Hissing and cackling

Maybe casting a spell

Riding her broomstick or

Stirring a bubbling, simmering pot

Oh, how awful!

Please, make it stop!

Perhaps it’s a ghost

Waiting behind the door

Wavering, see – through

A human no more

Going to sneak up behind me

Floating in midair

Yell “BOO!” really loud

And give me a scare

Maybe a monster waits

For me to let it in

With twenty eyes and dirty fur

And a toothy, nasty grin

Claws that will shred my flesh

He’ll eat me up for lunch

My legs he’ll save for dinner

Biting my bone in half with a crunch

Tossing these thoughts aside

I hear the doorbell ring

I push myself out from under my bed

And grab a couple things

Candy bar in my left hand

Baseball bat in the right

I make my way to the door

Battling against my fright

Could it be a vampire,

A ghoul, a mummy?

A clown, a hungry creature?

Who might find me yummy?

Slowly, I turn the knob

The door pulls open and what do I see?

A little bumblebee who says,

“Trick or treat!”

I manage a smile

Then drop candy in her bag

I shut the door quickly

That wasn’t so bad.

Now I know what you’re thinking

You’re laughing at me

You think I’m stupid

To be afraid of a bee

But I’ll tell you something

That stinger of hers

It looked mighty sharp –

I’ll bet it hurts!