Today I’m a Poet

Yesterday I was a dreamer

I sat my head in the clouds

And there it lay the whole day

I dreamt big


Unrealistic things

Until I had half convinced myself they were real

I was a dreamer

Tomorrow I shall be a wisher

I’ll sit in my window

And wait until a star winks at me

So I can wish upon it

I’ll rub all my lamps

Until a genie appears

And hope that every stone I pick up

Is Sylvester’s

I’ll be a wisher

If yesterday I was a dreamer

And tomorrow I’ll be a wisher

Today I’m a poet

Warm by the fire

Spinning tales of gold, tales untold

I’ll treasure my pen

And cherish my notebook

And toss all grammar aside

For today I’m a poet

Not a dreamer nor wisher

Nor pretender nor liar

Today I’m a poet


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