How To Be A Poet

Being a poet is not an easy task.

You must be very careful

If you want to get the right words.

You must lure them out

With a kind and soothing voice

And when they come out

Slowly, cautiously

Reach out your hand,

Careful, they bite!

Pick them up,

And place them in the poem.

Sometimes the word isn’t right

It snarls and hisses

Making all the other words

Shrink in fear

Or run off the page

 If so, quickly

 Take the word


Poems are very delicate things.

One wrong word and –

– Bam! –

A mess on paper.

That’s why

We have erasers

And backspace keys.

You must have patience to be a poet


The word won’t come

You can plead

And beg

And yell

And cry

And bite your lip in frustration all you want.

But sometimes

The word

Is nowhere to be found.

To be a poet

You must be thoughtful.

Every now and then

 Words get lonely

And they stand out

Awkwardly on the page

Because they feel like they don’t belong.


A word just needs a friend.

A poet has to be


And slightly bossy

Because words are not naturally obedient.

They have minds of their own

And often won’t do

What they’re told.

You have to be commanding

But kind


But understanding.

But there is one thing above all

That a poet must be,

Must have,

Must do.

In fact

Without this

You could hardly call yourself a poet.

A poet





5 thoughts on “How To Be A Poet

    • Thank you so much. I wrote this a a reminder to myself. Sometimes I get so focused on trying to make it the best, that I forget why I’m writing in the first place. Because I love words. 🙂


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