Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I am from Barbie dolls and ceiling fans

From make believe and “let’s pretend”

I am from the swing sets

And the Southern Magnolia in my backyard

Climbing and laughing and playing

From mounds of warm laundry, fresh from the dryer

From grilled cheese

And the God is good, God is great prayer

That I’ve known forever

I am from Looney Toons and nicknames

Horsey rides, sweetie pie songs

And whisker-y kisses

I am from chocolate chips and peanut butter

From the sound of my mother’s voice

And mayonnaise on bread

I am from the “Because I said so,” and Elmer’s glue

From the wonderful smell of books

And journals I’ve written in since kindergarten

And I am from the top bunk

Where I know there are no monsters under my bed

I am from the third grade,

Where I won my favorite award

I am from the swimming pool and stars on my ceiling

From Lou Kaminsky and Dorothy Gale

And magical portals that lead to new worlds

And I am from the childhood memories

That built me up to what I am today


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