Best Friend

Do you remember?

I do.

It was the most fun I ever had with you

“Just Dance” booming out of the speakers

You and I hopping around like idiots

Taking our hair out of our ponytails

People stared

Look at those two girls

But we can’t blame them

Because we were the only ones dancing

We screamed the lyrics as if the words could somehow save us

Laughing, and doing absurd moves

Our hair clung to our face, knotted and tangled

My feet hurt like crazy

It was probably because we were dancing barefoot on gravel

But I didn’t care

I stayed and jumped to the beat with you

We danced through songs we loved

Songs we didn’t know

And even old songs our moms knew in high school

We were the center of attention

Eyes staring with amusement

We made little kids laugh with our “Thriller” impersonation

But mostly we danced

Into the night until our feet hurt so badly, we couldn’t walk home

But we did anyway

And when I got home, I collapsed

Half tired, half still wanting to dance

Do you remember?

I do.


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