Who Ate My Cookie?

Who ate my cookie?

Was it you?

Even after I told you

Not to?

Did you sneak downstairs

In the middle of the night,

Tiptoe into the kitchen

And flip on the light?

Did you see my cookie

Sitting out on a plate?

All warm and wonderful

Gooey and great?

Did you throw away my note

That clearly read:

This is mine; don’t eat.

Then sneak back up to bed?

Did you enjoy how yummy

And delicious it was?

Tell me, was it good?

I must know, because

I didn’t get to eat it

I was saving it for today

But as I found out when I woke up

My cookie has gone away.

You say you didn’t eat my cookie?

Are you absolutely sure?

What do you mean, you found a mouse

Hiding in the kitchen drawer?

Are you saying the mouse ate my cookie?

Why, surely that can’t be true

I thought the whiskers I found

Had come from you!


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