The Runaway Words

This shall start as most stories do:

Once upon a time

There was a girl; her name was Maggie

And she had a fondness for rhymes

She liked to pick up words

And scatter them here and there

Mix them up and move them places

It didn’t matter where

And when the words

Landed in a place she thought quite fit

She’d pick them up and glue them down

And pat them ’til they’d stick

But every now and then

The words just didn’t stay

They’d jump right up and run around

Wanting to be free and play

And Maggie tried, oh yes she did

To catch those naughty words

But no matter how hard she tried

They just did what they preferred

Fly flew right off the ground

And disappeared into the sky

Water ran into the corner

And promptly started to cry

Loud screamed in Maggie’s ear

Big stomped on her toes

Imagine kept changing forms

And where Lost went, who knows

Want was whiny and annoying

Rain poured down on her head

Emotion yelled and laughed and cried

Energy jumped on her bed

Maggie tried to corral them

But she got so tired she couldn’t run

So in the end she just sat down

And let them have all their fun

And when they wore themselves out

And they all fell to the ground

Tired and exhausted

From running all around

Maggie looked at them

And she found

They made a pretty pattern

All scattered on the ground

So she picked them up and glued them down

And there they are this day

All of them but two

The and End somehow slipped away

Maggie’s still looking for those two

So she can lay them flat

So if you happen to see them –

Well, what do you know? Look at that.



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